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For IMYM Annual Gathering, June 11-18, 2017
Boulder Meeting Public Documents
Constructive Conflict

Background Information for Current Discussions

For IMYM Annual Gathering, June 11-18, 2017

IMYM Queries

#1.  Site Selection for 2018 Annual Gathering  (Read IMYM Search Committee Report and individual site reports.)

  1. It has been suggested that we have a trial year at a different location followed by a return to Ghost Ranch the following year. What is your Meeting’s response to this?
  2. These are the criteria the site selection committee used when considering possible locations: centrality of location, accessibility for people of all abilities, friendliness to all ages, capacity to house and feed 350, nearby camping, overall Are there any criteria Friends want to add to the discussion?
  3. What would be the most important criteria in choosing that different location?
  4. We would like to hear input from people who don’t attend the annual gathering. Would a different location make them more likely to attend?

#2.  Increasing cost at Ghost Ranch was a major impetus to consider a change of venue for our annual gathering. Approaches to handling the cost have been offered, including “Pay as Led” (see below), other ways to gather money (such as a fund raising campaign), or an intensive effort to decrease our costs (different venue, fewer days, etc.). What is your Meeting’s sense about this?

“Pay as Led” topic:  Read this article about a successful funding experiment by the New England Yearly Meeting: “An Experiment with Abundance”, Friends Journal, December 2015.

Friends General Conference Institutional Assessment on Racism

People of Color have been experiencing racism from both people living and working around the FGC Annual Gathering sites/campuses, and from FGC attenders.  They offered a loving challenge to be better represented on the FGC site search committee and for FGC to undergo an institutional audit.  Both challenges were accepted.  Read the plan for FGC’s Institutional Assessment, and additional links at bottom of that web page.

Mountain View Friends Meeting has proposed a Minute of support for the FGC Institutional Assessment, for approval at the upcoming IMYM Annual Gathering.


Boulder Meeting Public Documents

Annual Report of Boulder Meeting of Friends, 2016-2017  (PDF)


Constructive Conflict

Conflict is unavoidable and, when handled well, is the key to authentic community.  The following materials were developed by Elaine Yarbrough, a Boulder Friend and professional mediator, for the workshops she led at Boulder Friends Meeting on February 21 and April 4, 2015.

CONSTRUCTIVE CONFLICT: A Simple Guide for Quaker Practice  (PDF)

CONSTRUCTIVE CONFLICT: Understandings for Conflict Workshops  (PDF)

Synthesis of Discussion: Building Use Policy  (PDF)