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Upcoming Meeting Events

Hybrid IN-PERSON/zoom worship: Sundays at 10:00 (Sign up for in-person)

Boulder Friends Meeting now conducts hybrid in-person/zoom worship for 10 am worship. Because of social distancing requirements, the maximum capacity of the worship room is 35. To ensure that we don’t exceed this, please sign up in advance here. Enter your name, phone number (if not in the directory; for possible contact tracing, if needed), and vaccination status. (You don’t have to indicate your vaccination status, but this information may be helpful as masking and distancing guidelines change. If you want to use an ipad or smartphone to access the sign-up sheet, you’ll need to install the ‘google sheets’ app. This isn’t necessary when you sign up from a desktop or laptop computer.

Worshiping outside on the front lawn of the Meeting House, if capacity is reached indoors or if people prefer, is permitted as long as social distancing and other guidelines are followed.

If you’re unable to access the on-line signup sheet, please call Sharon Reimer (720-643-9649) to be signed up. (Or call any friend with Internet access.)

To join by Zoom:

We are now using one joining link for all of our BFM meetings.

Join Zoom Meeting with video from a computer, tablet, or smart phone:

Join with audio only by phone: 1-669-900-6833 (*6 to mute/unmute, *9 to raise hand)

Meeting ID: 962 7356 8620 Password: 063025


Outdoor Sunday morning worship in Louisville: 9:30 am (our fall/winter schedule)

All are invited to outdoor worship in Cottonwood Park, Louisville, 9:30-10:30 am. The parking lot is on the south side of South Boulder Road between Via Appia and Garfield streets. Please bring a chair. For more info, contact Claudia Johnson,

First Day School (Sunday School)

First Day School usually meets every other week, and all are welcome. Look here or contact Susan Stephens if you would like your child to attend.

SHARE-A-GIFT: Due Dec. 5

Santa will come this year despite the pandemic! Children are excited and the elves should appreciate the cheer in these difficult times. 

Of course, there are some differences. First, the name has changed. Secondly, Santa’s workshop’s first request is for funds. They are used to buy popular gifts in bulk. Checks can be made out to Share-a-Gift and be given to Santa (Marty Dick) at in person meeting. If you are attending meeting virtually, contact 

If you love to shop, gifts must be NEW and should focus on science/reading games, toys and books. Children requested Legos and fingernail polish kits! These gifts have a due date of December 5th, which is very soon! Please put them under the Meeting House tree. Gifts from virtual attendees should contact marthaddick@gmail or (303-588-0402) for additional information. Of course, checks can be sent later to: Share-a-Gift, PO Box 17595, Boulder, CO 80308. (Gift cards cannot be accepted this year because it is hard to be sure the child is the recipient.) Another easy way to donate is their online fundraising platform: 

Check the website ( for further information about how to contribute online and to see the amazing details of this great organization. It will inspire you to participate as much as you can. (Last year over 1500 kids believed Santa would come for them!) Thanks for your support. 

-Submitted by Marty Dick 

Crafts Fair: Dec. 5 & 19, 11:15

Our craft fair will be held on the first and third Sundays of December at the meeting house after the rise of meeting. 

Masks will be required at all times. There will be no food or drinks. To make sure that social distancing is observed, here are the guidelines: 

A limited number of tables, probably 6 or so, will be set up in the fellowship room. One vendor per table. We may have a table in the foyer as well. 

Shoppers will be let in gradually so we do not exceed about twenty shoppers at a time. 

There will be a one-way path past the tables 

Please exit the fellowship room when you are finished browsing/shopping so others may come in. 

Although the rules may seem harsh, it still beats our last craft fair, which was held at the elementary school parking lot in 20 degree weather! 

Submitted by Sharon Reimer 

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM 2021: Dec. 19, 1:30

Please mark your calendars to see the annual Christmas Program on December 19 starting at 1:30. It will be on Zoom again, but with children dressed delightfully as Mary and Joseph, angels and shepherds. We will remotely sing carols and finish with our favorite “Twelve Days of Christmas.” Check the announcements that day for the zoom address. 

Submitted by Susan Stephens for REC 

CHRISTMAS EVE IN-PERSON SERVICE: 5:30 in the Meetinghouse


Ministry and Worship committee is sponsoring an in-person candlelight Christmas Eve service again this year. It will be on Friday, December 24, at 5:30 pm beginning with seasonal instrumental centering music at 5:15 pm. Silent worship will follow, ending with chosen favorites from our BFM caroling booklet to be hummed while quietly mouthing the words (not full out singing yet, folks). Attenders must be fully vaccinated, masked, socially distanced, and signed up ahead of time on the Meeting sign-up sheet (the max is 35 people). This is not a hybrid event. We look forward to celebrating this Christmas tradition with all who can attend. 

Submitted by Carolyn Kuban 

IN-PERSON MEDITATIVE MUSIC: Dec. 26, 11:45 – 12:45


On Sunday, December 26 from 11:45-12:45 Carolyn Kuban and George Banks will once again offer their harp and cello playing for a meditative music hour. It will be in-person in the worship room at the Meetinghouse. This music is meant to help bring in the New Year with peace, joy, and harmony—waiting and listening in stillness. Feel free to bring a pillow to lay on the floor or bench. All are welcome, masked and vaccinated. 

Submitted by Carolyn Kuban 

Program Hour – Deepening the Quaker-AFSC Connection: February 27, 1:00 – 2:00
Boulder and Mountain View Meetings are honored to host an online conversation with Lucy Duncan, Director of Friends Relations for AFSC. Lucy writes, teaches, and organizes Quakers to work for justice. She has been a speaker at IMYM Gatherings and her articles are frequently published in Friends Journal. See, for example, A Quaker Call to Abolition and Creation
We’ve asked Lucy to talk about AFSC’s changing structure and strategies, and how Friends can most effectively contribute to its work for justice in our country and the world. There will be time for questions and discussion. 
The program will be on Sunday, February 27, 1-2 pm MOUNTAIN time, at this zoom link:   Join with audio only by phone: 1-669-900-6833 (*6 to mute/unmute, *9 to raise hand). Meeting ID: 962 7356 8620, Password: 063025
Paula Palmer, Boulder Meeting AFSC Liaison
Kip Kolkmeier, Mountain View Meeting AFSC Liaison


Boulder Meeting Announcements

Online Quaker Studies starting in January, 2022

Because of the pandemic, we both have felt somewhat disconnected from the spiritual aspects of Quakerism. For this reason, and with the approval of Ministry and Worship, we are offering an online Quaker Studies course focused on Quaker spirituality starting in January, 2022.

Course Format:
        Ten 90-minute weekly Zoom sessions
        Thursdays, January 6 – March 10, 2022
        7:00 – 8:30 pm
        Short on-line readings and videos to be completed prior to each session
        Full group and small group facilitated discussions
        Registration limited to 24 participants with on-line access
The syllabus may be viewed at

To sign up, go to
-Submitted by Bill Moninger & Arlene Brownell
EFAA (Emergency Family Assistance Association) Food Donations Needed

Please bring non-perishable food donations for EFAA. The white barrel is at the meetinghouse year round waiting to be filled, and Friends have offered to deliver the food to EFAA. Other donations can be taken or sent to EFAA at 1575 Yarmouth Ave., Boulder, 80304, just a few blocks from the meetinghouse!

– Submitted by the Service Committee

Share a Gift Needs Donations, Especially Cash, by Dec. 5
Share a Gift is coming this year despite the pandemic!  However, things have changed. Donations of checks and cash will be used for buying gifts in bulk. Checks written to Share a Gift should be given to Marty or mailed to her at 4617 Almond Lane, Boulder. CO 80301. (303-588-0402 or
Actual gifts need to be NEW and be educational. They need to be collected December 5th.  Please let Marty know if you are planning to purchase gifts so that we can make arrangements for pick up. The new management team is constantly changing the details and even Marty cannot keep on top of them.  Therefore, to simplify things, please keep Marty in the loop and she’ll handle the details. 
Checking into the Share-a-Gift website ( is interesting but has contradictory information! (Some of it is from 2020!)  So, select the Donate page and scroll all the way down to see the photos collected last year of the gifts for over 1,500 kids!  It will inspire you to give generously!”

Submitted by Marty Dick

Our ECHO House Fund is Running Low

Please donate to our ECHO House fund if you are able. For years, Boulder Friends Meeting has purchased supplies for several of the households living in this transitional house run by EFAA (Emergency Family Assistance Association). Usually Friends contribute at an annual potluck, which has been canceled for several years because of Covid.

To Donate:

By Mail – Contributions may be sent to the Treasurer, Boulder Friends Meeting, P.O. Box 4363, Boulder, CO 80306.   Make checks payable to “Boulder Friends Meeting” and note that they are intended for Echo House.

You can also donate online through PayPal to Boulder Friends Meeting using the notes box to designate that your donation is intended for Echo House. For details see our Donations Page.

– Submitted by the Service Committee

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Key Email Addresses: Contact the Correct Friend More Easily

Having trouble figuring out where to send your emails? Please use these email addresses to help us keep organized. They will go not only to the person in charge of the job, but often to a back-up Friend who also deals with the subject of the email. You don’t have to remember who does which tasks, and the folks you write to can organize their emails by their jobs. (for the Miscellany) (also goes to the Miscellany editor)

You can get to the list of committees to write to conveners about committee business by clicking here.


For ongoing consideration at Business Meeting: BOULDER FRIENDS MEMORIAL MINUTES

The primary purpose of the Memorial Minute is to contribute to Quaker History by recording Quaker lives and recognizing the work that individual members of our Meeting have done to support the Religious Society of Friends. Historically, Minutes have been written for members, are published in Western Friends Journal, and are archived in Boulder Meeting as well as Intermountain Yearly Meeting.

There have been requests to extend the criteria for Memorial Minutes in the Boulder Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends to include Attenders as well as regular members. Members of Oversight & Membership continue to reach out to encourage longtime Attenders to apply for membership. However, we understand that some continue to hold back and may never apply. After discussions in O&M and Boulder Business Meeting, we offer the following suggestions for your consideration:

  1. Attenders for whom it may be appropriate to compose Memorial Minutes are longtime regular Attenders who have substantially contributed to the Faith and Practice of our Meeting in committee service as well as attendance of worship.
  2. Such longtime Attenders can request a Memorial Minute for themselves before their death.
  3. Attenders in Meeting can request a Memorial Minute for other longtime Attenders.
  4. The family of longtime regular Attenders can request a Memorial Minute.
  5. Recorded Friends may also request a Memorial Minute for an Attender they feel we should recognize in this way.
  6. Cooperation with and by the family of the deceased is a requirement for all Memorial Minutes, whether for Friends or Attenders.
  7. A possible alternative and/or addition to a Minute is the publication of the person’s obituary in the Miscellany.

These proposals were discussed at Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business on Sunday, November 14thIf some or all of these proposals are adopted by Boulder Meeting, Oversight & Membership will assure consistent communication with Members and longtime regular Attenders concerning all possibilities.

Submitted by Oversight & Membership Committee


The Higher Education Scholarship Committee (HESC) awards scholarships to full-time, degree-seeking college students with an ongoing, active personal or parental relationship with Boulder Friends Meeting.

Students who were awarded scholarships in the Fall, who will be continuing in the scholarship program, need to submit Fall 2021 transcripts and a brief letter stating their intention to continue in their full-time studies in the Spring semester to Marilyn Powell at by January 7, 2022.            

The scholarship amount in the past has been $650 per semester.  The scholarship committee has clarified two limits on scholarship awards to maintain future viability of the scholarship fund.  These clarifications include that, for the scholarship purposes, 1) 12 credit hours (or the equivalent) per semester is considered a full-time load, and 2) scholarships will be awarded for a maximum of 4 years or 8 semesters (or the equivalent of study). 

Contact Marilyn Powell at to receive a new application and criteria for applicants.  Applications must be completed and returned January 7, 2022, for the Spring semester of the 2022 school year.

Submitted by Marilyn Powell, Perry Sailor, Rebecca Morris, and Tom Bache-Wiig of the Higher Education Scholarship Committee (HESC)

Betty Herring Has Passed

Dear Friend Betty Herring has passed away. Their son from England has returned, so Jack is not alone with his grief. In the midst of all we wish we could do, please, above all, respect Jack’s continued need for privacy. He remains firm in his request for NO phone calls or visits, though personal notes would be welcome. We can honor both Jack and Betty by holding them and their family, as well as our grieving community, in the deep Love and Light that surrounds us all at this painful time.

Minute on Support for Palestinian Children and Families, adopted at Meeting for Worship for Business, Sunday, October 10

Boulder Friends Meeting, October 10, 2021

(Based on Intermountain Yearly Meeting Minute of June 20, 2021)

Spirit leads Boulder Friends Meeting to affirm support for the American Friends Service Committee’s No Way to Treat a Child campaign which exposes “widespread and systematic ill-treatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli military detention system.”  We are saddened by such violations of international law by the Israeli military. No child should be denied due process or be tortured.  

We join with AFSC in supporting legislation halting the use of U.S. funds for governmental actions that oppress and cause suffering to Palestinian children, that displace families, demolish homes, and annex more land—all in violation of international law. These actions are the target of new legislation introduced by Representative Betty McCollum of Minnesota, HR 2590, “Defending the Human Rights of Palestinian Children and Families Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act.”

Friends deeply respect the religious tradition of Judaism and deplore the painful 2,000-year legacy of anti-Semitism and then, the Holocaust.  The Israeli state has aimed to provide a safe haven for Jewish people.   Yet, Israel has also now perpetuated a long military occupation, oppressing the Palestinian population and annexing their land.  Led by our testimonies of Community, Equality, and Peace, we support HR 2590, thus ensuring that our tax money does not enable further violence toward Palestinian children and their families.  We urge the establishment of peace and full human rights for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Interested in hosting a Program Hour for the Meeting? Chris Moore is your new contact person! Please reach out to him at if you would like to get something scheduled on our program calendar.

From the Ad Hoc Committee on Re-opening the Meetinghouse: 

Small Quaker groups may now meet in person at the Meetinghouse with masking, except when eating.  In addition, they may use the Fellowship room and kitchen (previously off-limits), so long as they clean up after themselves. Garbage should be taken out to the bins at the back of the parking lot. Because social distancing is no longer required, more than one person at a time may use the bathroom. 

The definition of what constitutes a ‘small’ group is left to the discernment of each Quaker group using the Meetinghouse.”
Information on Joys and Sorrows

If you missed the 10 a.m. Sunday Meeting and would like to hear Friends’ Joys and Sorrows, you are welcome to contact someone on Ministry & Worship (M&W) Committee.

Celebration of Life Online Events

It has been a year since we have been able to come together as a community to gather for a memorial service. We want to remember and celebrate the lives of members who have died this past year, as well as family members who have been lost.

There could be a slide show of photos, videos, music, and sharing of stories. If you would like to have such an event, we can provide the tech support to make it happen. You could invite a small group of family and friends, or include the Friends meeting also.

For more information, contact a member of the Grief and Bereavement Committee.

Submitted by Molly Greacen for the Grief and Bereavement Committee

Did you miss the IPC Program Hour on Fort Chambers – Boulder's Connection with the Sand Creek Massacre?

If you missed the May 2 Program Hour about the history of Boulder’s Fort Chambers and its ties to the Sand Creek Massacre, here are four ways to learn about it: 1) Watch a recording of the May 2 program here, 2) Read a flyer here, 3) Contact Paula Palmer, if you would like to request a Zoom presentation about Fort Chambers for another group or organization, and 4) read Margaret Coel’s biography, Chief Left Hand

Mid-week Worship and Worship Sharing with Mountain View Friends Meeting
We are invited to join Mountain View Meeting’s evening worship and worship sharing on Wednesday evenings: 
Please join us for Mid-week Worship and Worship Sharing on Wednesdays from 7:00 – 8:15 PM via Zoom.  We will worship in silence for 15-20 minutes before worship-sharing.  Please email me if you’d like a copy of the short reading (not more than 2 paragraphs) and the queries. (Joan Piasecki,
Join Zoom Meeting use this Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 880 4502 4318
Password: 867497


Ongoing Meeting Announcements

Wise Older Women (WOW) - 4th Thursdays, 12:00 – 1:30, except skipping Nov. and meeting Dec. 16

We are renewing our Meeting’s lunch group for senior women!  Interested?  Because the Delta variant is so contagious, we will meet in the fellowship room, masks are required, and please do not bring food so that we can all stay masked.  If you identify as a Senior, you’re old enough. Please contact Sharon Reimer with questions.

Friendly Friends Zoom Chat

Friendly Friends Chat meets the 1st Thursday of each month at 3 pm. Come join us!  John Graves (  

Zoom: Mtg. ID: 962 7356 8620; Password: 063025.  (Or audio at: 1-669-900-6833.) 

Circle of Light – Holding Friends in the Light

Would you like to participate in sending Light to those who request it? This supplement to our post-worship Joys and Sorrows appears to have much support from Meeting for several reasons, especially its immediacy. First suggested as a prayer circle, “Circle of Light” seemed a more inclusive name. We try to surround those in need with Light as soon as it is requested.

If you have a request that you or your loved ones be held in the Light, email Daniel Booth ( or text/call 303-594-6138 and your request will go out promptly. Should you wish to remain anonymous, just provide whatever details are needed for us to focus on your situation.

Friends Emergency Fund

Your Oversight and Membership committee wants to remind friends during this difficult time that the Meeting has a long-standing Friends Emergency Fund that can provide funds to those closely connected to the Meeting who are faced with emergency situations involving severe short-term financial need.

Information about the fund — how to apply for it, and limitations to it — are on the Meeting’s website.  Login on the website, then click Procedures, Policies, and Finances.  (You must be logged in to access that page.)  For more information, please feel free to contact any member of O&M:

Boulder Friends Meeting's Email Lists
To be added to any of Boulder Friends Meeting’s email lists, please send an email to  In the email, let us know which lists you would like to be added to:
– The Friday/Saturday weekly Bulletin list
– The Emergency/Memorial list
– The monthly Business Meeting list
You are welcome to join all lists or just one or two.
For further information...
For further information about any of the above activities, contact


Other Announcements of Interest to Friends

Learn about the new American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) Strategic Plan
Learn about the new American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) strategic plan, which includes its mission, vision, and values statements and its programmatic foci. Learn how AFSC is reorganizing to become even more effective in pursuing its goals of:
– Shared and sustainable peace
– An economy that works for people and the earth
– Just approaches to forced displacement and migration 
And learn about the internal debates within AFSC about how the organization can best be structured to implement its values internally. See the proposals from a group called “The Peoples AFSC” in this Google folder, along with the Strategic Plan. 
Jennifer Piper, program director in the Denver AFSC office, shared these documents and issues with Boulder Friends during a program hour on Oct 24.
Lucy Duncan, AFSC’s Liaison with Quaker Meetings, will continue this conversation during a program hour on Feb 27.  
– Submitted by Paula Palmer, AFSC Liaison
Nicaraguan Refugee needs Work

Dear Friends,

I am the INS sponsor for a young Nicaraguan man named Wiston Rivera.  

He is seeking Political Asylum in the U.S. due to dangerous political conditions in his country.

He is the nephew of the manager of my Nicaraguan charity.

And he needs any work that Friends can conjure up.  See below for further explanation.

He had been in INS detention since June 15th, when he surrendered at the border in Yuma, AZ.  But he was released to my supervision on August 14th.  And he has been working for friends of mine since then.  He is amongst the hardest workers I’ve ever seen, and he really enjoys it.  I strive to give him days off, but he prefers to work every day.  Rather than having an ankle monitor, he is monitored by INS via an App on his phone.

And we managed to get him a permanent job offer with the City of Lyons.  But then we visited the INS and learned that he is not allowed to work in the U.S. (officially) until he qualifies for Permission to Work.  Which will require the services of an Asylum Specialist Attorney, and the time frame involved is unclear.

Wiston is a very fit and personable 21 year old.  He has a 2 year degree in industrial processes and he is skilled in landscaping and outdoor maintenance.  He had a job at a shrimp processing plant and his duties included equipment maintenance, welding and he also worked on the metal fabrication lathes.

You can contact me at 303-772-4617 or at


Charlie Janney

FREE rapid COVID-19 test kits for at-home testing

Colorado is distributing free rapid COVID-19 over the counter (OTC) self tests directly to people’s homes. The program uses Abbott BinaxNOW™ rapid antigen tests that show results within 15 minutes.

This program has been specifically designed to provide parents, guardians, and caregivers some peace of mind by making it easy to test their children and help keep schools open. If you are not a parent, guardian, or caregiver, you may also use this program. 

All Coloradans can sign up for the Rapid At-Home COVID-19 testing program, at

Please note: Over-the-counter test results may not be accepted as proof of negative results for some situations (e.g., travel, employment)

Submitted by Gale Toko-Ross



Take Action

Write to Your Members of Congress about Truth and Healing Commission for the Indian Boarding Schools

FCNL makes it easy to send emails to Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper and Representative Neguse, urging them to co-sponsor and support a bill to create a Truth and Healing Commission for the Indian Boarding Schools. Here’s a direct link to the action webpage. Please consider taking this action, in keeping with Boulder Meeting’s minute of support for this legislation. 

Write to Congressman Neguse in Support of Palestinian Children
Friends, Please join in the Meeting’s support for Palestinian children and families by sending an email to Congressman Joe Neguse.  Peace and Social Concerns has sent the following letter, and invites you to join in.  You can use this email website:  Scroll down, enter your basic info, and then copy this letter (or your own version) into the “Comments” box:
We in Boulder Friends Meeting (Quakers) believe that you are deeply concerned for the welfare of children and families.  As you know, Palestinian children and families have long suffered ill treatment at the hands of the Israeli military.
We want to let you know that on October 10, the Boulder Friends Meeting adopted a minute of concern “In Support of Human Rights for Palestinian Children and their Families.”   
This decision supports HR 2590, a bill that will ensure that U.S. tax monies will not enable further violence toward Palestinian children and families.  It also opposes demolition of their homes and annexation of more land. 
We ask your support and co-sponsorship of this important, humane legislation.
Submitted by Peace & Social Justice Committee
FCNL Resources on Racial Justice

From FCNL: Quaker Volunteer Service has pulled together a collection of resources to help each of us determine our next right step. Get started using this list of 75 Things White People can Do for Racial Justice. Watch Quaker Speak’s collection of video interviews with Quakers of Color, and read this powerful reflection by Vanessa Julye, which asks: “Are we ready to make the systematic changes necessary in our meetings to remove white supremacy?”

Friends Committee on National Legislation(FCNL)