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Circle of Light – Holding Friends in the Light

Circle of Light is up and ready with nine participants; Email Daniel Booth ( if you would like to participate in sending Light to those who request it. This supplement to our post-worship Joys and Sorrows appears to have much support from Meeting for several reasons, especially its immediacy. First suggested as a prayer circle, “Circle of Light” seemed a more inclusive name. We hope to surround those in need with Light as soon as it is requested.

If you have a request that you or your loved ones be held in the Light, email Daniel Booth, ( or text/call at 303-594-6138 and your request will go out promptly. Should you wish to remain anonymous, just provide whatever details are needed for us to focus on your situation.

Upcoming "Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples" Programs

Upcoming Program 

If Friends would like to see/hear my “Quaker Truth Talk” at the FGC Gathering in Toledo, OH, it’s posted on YouTube. Search for Quaker Truth Talks Paula Palmer. I’m deeply grateful to all the Friends who helped me prepare for this talk, and especially to my Spiritual Care Committee who worshiped with me beforehand and smiled up at me from the front row during! 

Please join us at this upcoming programs and invite others: 

Friday, October 12, 6:30-9 pm, Two Rivers” film/discussion at The Collective Community Arts Center, 201 N. Public Road, Lafayette 

For more information, and to make donations in support of our work Toward Right Relationship for Native Peoples, please visit 

Submitted by Paula Palmer 

Intergenerational Game Night: Friday, October 26, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.


We are planning our first Intergenerational Game Night for Friday, October 26th, from 6:00 till 9:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Room. There will be a Halloween theme, so come in a costume, or not, and all ages are welcome. REC will be providing spaghetti, with a choice of regular or gluten free noodles, Marinara sauce and a choice of meatballs or meatless balls. Please come with a side dish to compliment the spaghetti, such as salad, crusty bread, parmesan cheese and other toppings. Cookies and other sweet things are always welcome. Apple cider will be provided by REC. 

Let us know if you can come a little early and help set up, or help with clean-up, starting around 8:30 p.m. Games will be provided, but feel free to bring your own. 

Submitted by Susan Stephens, REC convener 

ECHO HOUSE FUNDRAISING LUNCH: Sunday, October 28th, 2018

Mark your calendars! This is our once-a-year fundraiser that supports Echo House. 

Operated by the Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA), Echo House is a seven-unit short-term housing facility in Boulder for homeless families. The families are provided with shelter, food, and other basic necessities and supported in their efforts towards financial stability or self-sufficiency. 

Each month we supply the household goods (such as laundry soap, diapers, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.) that most of us are so lucky to take for granted for one unit. 

The Service Committee will put on the lunch, but extra dishes are much appreciated. Suggested donation is $10 for adults and $5.00 for children. Less or more, depending what you feel you can afford, is welcome. 

Caregiver Support Group: Next Meeting November 3, 9:00 – 10:00 or 10:30

For those of us who are caring for elderly parents, or caring for people of any age with special needs, there will be a monthly, drop-in support group in the Senior Young Friends’ Room across from the restrooms. We will generally meet from 9 AM to 10:30 AM on the first Saturday of each month, but in November we may stop at 10:00 because of a threshing session in the meeting house. 

Lessie Myers will be the initial facilitator for the group. Lessie is a retired RN and Psychologist, and her background includes facilitating mutual support groups. Lessie’s mom is 97. For this group, “drop-in” means there is no need to come every month; just come as you find time and feel led. 

Contact Lessie Myers at 720-539-0258 or with questions. 

Threshing Session: Nov. 3, 10:00

Please plan to attend a threshing session on Saturday November 3rd at 10 am. We will talk & listen to Friends’ thoughts on, “How much do we want to open the Meetinghouse to outside groups? For what purposes?” 

Let's Talk: Political discussion luncheon Nov. 3 at 12:30

Many of you who are reading this attended one or both of the luncheons I hosted to encourage people of one political persuasion to invite someone of the other to have lunch and discuss politics.

I call on you, and anyone who is as concerned as I am about the  increasing polarization of our discourse, to again join me for lunch and animated conversations about what is happening in and to our nation.

As before, the conversations will be civil and the food delicious.  We’ll gather at 12:30p on Saturday, November 3, 2018 at Casa Alegre in Louisville at 1006 Pine Street.  Each person will order off the menu and be responsible for an appropriate tip.

I have not yet met anyone who is neutral on issues ranging from Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court to climate change.  But I have met several people who cannot, or refuse to, acknowledge that someone who believes differently has worthy reasons for doing so. 

Let’s talk it out.  We are Quakers.  We lead in so many important arenas – let’s show ourselves and others that as a community we can have intense yet well-mannered discussions about the issues that are achingly important to all of us.

Please call me at 303/464-0446 if you have questions or want to let me know you’ll be there.

  • Barbara Kelly
Business Meeting Email List: Please sign up!
A reminder that if you wish to receive the agenda and any documents to be discussed at the up-coming monthly business meetings you can sign up on the special emailing list. Please indicate your desire to receive this mailing, which will come to you by the Thursday before business meeting, to Dave Lohman , or Stan .
Computer and technology help available

The Service Committee found some resources for Friends wanting help with technology. Many classes are offered through Senior Services at either of the Senior Centers or a few at the library. Check out p. 21 of their online catalog. Many of these classes are given by Diana DeBrohun of Silver Surfers, and she also offers one-on-one training for $40 – $45/hour. See large postcard flyers in our lobby or speak with Margaret.

Would you like to join a potluck group?


Are you interested in joining a potluck group with regular meetings, say, once a month? Or, would you prefer meeting different people at each potluck? Organized around a theme or just a social get-together? 

Oversight & Membership is attempting to review the needs of our community, and re-evaluate how well the format of Extended Families works, or if it no longer works. Most of us have smaller living spaces than we used to, with less space for hosting events. 

We’re considering the idea of “Friendly Eights” – so, a total of 8 people, who could fit around most dining room tables, at either lunchtime or suppertime, maybe even organized geographically by neighborhoods, so people would need to drive less far, especially for those who no longer wish to drive at night. 

What we need from you all is feedback. Please email your wishes, suggestions, ideas, etc. We’ve heard from some that more social contact is wished for, especially from newer folks, and from some old-timers too. 

Marilyn Hayes – 

Video of Paula Palmer’s “Truth Talk” at the 2018 FGC Gathering

The video of Paula Palmer’s “Truth Talk” at the 2018 FGC Gathering in Toledo, OH is now posted on the FGC website.  

Paul Wehr's memoir is now in our library, or order your own copy from Chris Griffin-Wehr.

NEW BOOK IN THE MEETING LIBRARY: Paul Wehr’s memoir “Seeking…through a Vermont Childhood and Beyond.” It was Paul’s dear wish to finish this book in time for his ‘Spiritual Journey’ scheduled last November. He was not able to share his story with you in person. But wholly and faithfully complete it he did—both the book and his Journey. I am so grateful to have been able to keep my promise of seeing it into print! If anyone is interested in a personal copy, please contact me directly (303.442.1774 or I’m happy to order you a copy for $20.00. 

Submitted by, Chris Griffin-Wehr 

Current Needs

Food Donations to EFAA:  Bring non-perishable food items for Emergency Family Assistance, put them in the white barrel in the lobby.

Ongoing Announcements

Meeting for Worship Arrival Time: The Ministry & Worship Committee is grateful for your presence and attendance. When you aren’t here, we miss you. We would like to remind Friends that early Meeting for Worship starts at 8:30 and standard Meeting for Worship starts at 10:00 a.m., whether you are in the worship room or out in the foyer. If you find you can not arrive on time, please be mindful that noise in the foyer carries into the meeting room and can disturb those gathered in worship. Please gather in silence with others in the foyer to prepare yourself to join the larger Meeting for Worship. 

Parking: Please remember not to park in front of our neighbors’ homes on Upland. Instead, please park in the Crestview School lot at 19th & Sumac or in the double row of spaces across the street on Upland. 

Grocery Cards benefiting the American Friends Service Committee are sold regularly during Fellowship times, after Sunday 8:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. Meetings for Worship. Your purchases are a convenient way for Friends to support Quaker Good Work in the wider world. 

Contributions: The Boulder Meeting of Friends is a non-profit, religious organization which relies on contributions and volunteer service to support the various service committees. There is a small wooden box for contributions on the table to the left of the door as you leave the Meeting Room. Money may be given at any time to the Treasurer, c/o Boulder Meeting of Friends, P.O. Box 4363, Boulder CO 80306. Donations may also be made online via PayPal links at Many thanks for your support. 

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