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Called to Serve in a New Direction? Opportunities from the Service Committee

The Service Committee alerts Friends to these needs for volunteers.  Scheduling can be flexible and occasional.Contact any Service Committee member with questions.

 Our Meeting

 Provide a ride to Meeting for a Friend who has no means of transportation. Visit a friend just back from the hospital, or a caregiver approaching burnout. Work with a Service Committee member in the occasional use of “Meal Train”, a computer program to organize large, temporary help with home visits, food etc.

 Homeless at Bridge House

 Meet as personal mentor with one homeless client, every week or two. Drive clients to appointments. Work the front desk or do data entry. Write “success stories”. Help the Chef…and many more. Contact Scott Medina

 Homeless at Boulder Shelter – Dinner

Every third Saturday help to cook, serve and clean up after dinner, along with a group of about 7 Friends from our meeting. More hands are always needed.

Safehouse (“SPAN” – Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Non-violence)

Answer the crisis phone line at Boulder’s shelter for people of all genders in danger because of domestic abuse and violence. 33 hour training is extensive and excellent.

 Food Pantry – Harvest of Hope

Stock shelves or shop with one client at a time, at Boulder’s free food pantry for people with severe food deficits. Training is simple and brief. Contact Andrew DeQuiroz, 720-382-1971,

Submitted by Lessie Myers,, 720-539-0258

Potluck for Families and Friends: July 20, 12:00 – 4:00

We are planning an afternoon potluck oriented to Friends with kids on July 20 from noon to 4:00 at the meetinghouse. Everyone is welcome. This is a follow-up to a delightful M&W potluck in April that several Friendly families were able to participate in. Please join us! Bring a dish and a playful attitude. For more information contact Chris Perero or Stewart Walker.

Beautiful name tags available from our Junior and Senior Young Friends

The SYFs and JYFs have made watercolor nametags for you as part of their 5th Sunday service project. If you’d like to add some color to your nametag, they can be found in the drawer that’s part of the nametag table, as well as a Sharpie to write your name (and preferred pronouns, if you’d like to add those, too). Enjoy!

Change to King Soopers program for AFSC

King Soopers has changed the way we earn money for AFSC.  We no longer reload grocery cards.  We now link the Boulder Meeting of Friends to the King Soopers or City Market loyaltycard.  You have probably been using the loyalty card for years – you swipe the card or enter your phone number when you pay for groceries.

To link your loyalty card to the Boulder meeting of friends:

  • For King Soopers Stores – go to
  • For City Market Stores – go to

Once logged into your account you can search for Boulder Meeting of Friends either by name or JT735 and then click Enroll. New userswill need to create an account which requires some basic information, a valid email address and a loyalty card number.

*If a member does not yet have a King Soopers or City Market loyalty card, please ask for one at the customer service desk at any King Soopers or City Market.

REMEMBER, purchases will not count for the Meeting until after you register your loyalty card.

Swipe the registered King Soopers or City Market loyalty card or use the phone number that is related to the registered King Soopers or City Market loyalty card when shopping for each purchase to count.


Right Relationship Boulder Upcoming Events

Tuesday, July 16, 6-8 pm, Monthly meeting of Right Relationship Boulder. Location:  Tebo Family Medical Building on the Foothills campus of Boulder Community Health, Arapahoe and 48th St. We meet in the basement conference room. Park and enter on the WEST side of the building. All are welcome!

Tuesday, July 30th, 5:30 – 7:30pm, RRB Presents: Carrying Whiteness: Explorations in Fragility & Privilege,  The workshop provides an introduction to the many different identities that an individual can simultaneously hold – including gender, race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation – and ways in which privilege and unconscious bias can affect our interactions. RRB Steering Committee members Dr. Katy Putsavage and Dr. Doreen Martinez will facilitate this interactive workshop. Space is limited, so please register using this link. *Please note that the workshop will require some pre-reading. Location:  Tebo Family Medical Building on the Foothills campus of Boulder Community Health, Arapahoe and 48th St. We meet in the basement conference room. Park and enter on the WEST side of the building.

How to Help Pine Ridge (Updated 6/16/19)

Update from Laura at Operation Oyate:  We are currently in a holding pattern as damage is assessed and people complete
paperwork on the Rez. We also are trying to establish a non-profit moving forward and
waiting for things like weather and all to end since nothing can really be done while storms
still keep coming in and out. But here is an update regarding all we have done and much of
the impact it has had for the people on Pine Ridge. The next big thing getting ready to
happen is a team of Vets are going in to do a big spay and neuter clinic on the Reservation
they will be providing vaccines and spay and neuter for 500 cats and dogs all for free.
We are scheduled to ramp things back up in June which is typically when it will be safe as
far as weather goes to be able to really do more than just basic inside demo work. A team
of engineers in a variety of fields spent the last few weeks assessing the damage from the
storms both structurally and in regards to much of the infrastructure such as, roads, dams,
spillways, and water delivery systems to make a full analysis of things.

The above paragraph is the start of a 10 page document available in full in the Right Relationship Boulder newsletter. Please contact Paula Palmer if you would like to join their mailing list:

Caregiver Support Group: First Saturday Each Month, 9:00 – 10:30 AM

For those of us who are caring for elderly parents, or caring for people of any age with special needs, there will be a monthly, drop-in support group in the Senior Young Friends’ Room across from the restrooms. We meet from 9 AM to 10:30 AM on the first Saturday of each month. Lessie Myers will be the initial facilitator for the group. Lessie is a retired RN and Psychologist, and her background includes facilitating mutual support groups. Lessie’s mom recently passed at the age of 97. For this group, “drop-in” means there is no need to come every month; just come as you find time and feel led.  Contact Lessie Myers at 720-539-0258 or with questions. 

Circle of Light – Holding Friends in the Light

Circle of Light is up and ready with nine participants; Email Daniel Booth ( if you would like to participate in sending Light to those who request it. This supplement to our post-worship Joys and Sorrows appears to have much support from Meeting for several reasons, especially its immediacy. First suggested as a prayer circle, “Circle of Light” seemed a more inclusive name. We hope to surround those in need with Light as soon as it is requested.

If you have a request that you or your loved ones be held in the Light, email Daniel Booth, ( or text/call at 303-594-6138 and your request will go out promptly. Should you wish to remain anonymous, just provide whatever details are needed for us to focus on your situation.

Creating a safe, scent-free meeting house

In consideration for our chemically sensitive friends, please refrain from using scented products.  The fewer scented products we all use, the more likely people with respiratory conditions, chemical sensitivities and allergies will be able to enjoy and participate fully in our Meeting.  Products to avoid include: perfumes, aftershave, lotions, body washes, sunscreen, essential oils, shampoos, conditioners, many hair products, scented deodorants, scented laundry soap, dryer sheets, and fabric softeners.

Incense and air fresheners (like plug-ins) infuse chemicals into our clothes and hair. The best way to know if a product has a fragrance is to check the ingredients before purchase.  If the word “fragrance” or an essential oil is listed then they aren’t fragrance free.  Please consider not using them when attending Meeting.

Recommended alternatives:  Safe Products for Chemically Sensitive People.

Business Meeting Email List: Please sign up!

A reminder that if you wish to receive the agenda and any documents to be discussed at the up-coming monthly business meetings you can sign up on the special emailing list. Please indicate your desire to receive this mailing, which will come to you by the Thursday before business meeting, to  If any problems or questions, please contact Judi Dressler.

Computer and technology help available

The Service Committee found some resources for Friends wanting help with technology. Many classes are offered through Senior Services at either of the Senior Centers or a few at the library. Many of these classes are given by Diana DeBrohun of Silver Surfers, and she also offers one-on-one training for $40 – $45/hour. Often the Senior Center has teens come in to help seniors with their devices. Friends who want individual help with solving tech problems at home might call Mike McDaniel of MacAssist; This isn’t a discount service, but several of us have worked with him and like him a lot. (There are many other competent computer tech people around Boulder who can come out to your home to problem-solve.) Speak with Margaret for more details:, 303-579-6573.

Incident Report Form

Please use this Incident Report Form to report an accident, injury or incident that impacts our meeting house or the people in it.  Email it to the addresses on the form.

Current Needs

Food Donations to EFAA:  Bring non-perishable food items for Emergency Family Assistance, put them in the white barrel in the lobby.

Ongoing Announcements

Meeting for Worship Arrival Time: The Ministry & Worship Committee is grateful for your presence and attendance. When you aren’t here, we miss you. We would like to remind Friends that early Meeting for Worship starts at 8:30 and standard Meeting for Worship starts at 10:00 a.m., whether you are in the worship room or out in the foyer. If you find you can not arrive on time, please be mindful that noise in the foyer carries into the meeting room and can disturb those gathered in worship. Please gather in silence with others in the foyer to prepare yourself to join the larger Meeting for Worship. 

Parking: Please remember not to park in front of our neighbors’ homes on Upland. Instead, please park in the Crestview School lot at 19th & Sumac or in the double row of spaces across the street on Upland. 

Grocery Cards benefiting the American Friends Service Committee are sold regularly during Fellowship times, after Sunday 8:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. Meetings for Worship. Your purchases are a convenient way for Friends to support Quaker Good Work in the wider world. 

Contributions: The Boulder Meeting of Friends is a non-profit, religious organization which relies on contributions and volunteer service to support the various service committees. There is a small wooden box for contributions on the table to the left of the door as you leave the Meeting Room. Money may be given at any time to the Treasurer, c/o Boulder Meeting of Friends, P.O. Box 4363, Boulder CO 80306. Donations may also be made online via PayPal links at Many thanks for your support. 

Create your own log-in to our website by clicking on the right-most link in the navigation bar. It is important that you create your new login with a secure password (i.e., use uppercase, lowercase, number, & symbol) to provide better security for protected pages. The web committee will try to approve your login within 48 hours. 

For further information...

For further information about any of the above activities, contact

Friends Committee on National Legislation(FCNL)

Intermountain Yearly Meeting (IMYM)

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