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Join the ONLINE MEETING FOR WORSHIP while the meeting house is closed

For the health and protection of our Meeting community and the public in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, Boulder Friends Meeting has closed our physical doors to the Meetinghouse and is experimenting with ‘virtual’ community during this time.

As an alternative to physical worship, we are using the Zoom conferencing service to gather in worship online on Sunday mornings.  We begin gathering online at 9:45 AM, with worship beginning at 10:00 AM.  For directions, see our Online Worship Page.

Zoom hacking has been in the news recently: unauthorized users post inappropriate and offensive material during a meeting. It’s rare but upsetting. If that were to happen to us, we would immediately shut down that meeting. 

Please regularly check this website to make sure you’re staying up to date.  We will continue providing updates by e-mail to the emergency email list.  If you want to get on this list, please send a request to:

If you have a concern, please contact Bill Moninger, co-convener of Oversight and Membership Committee (O&M), at 720-989-1336 or  You may also contact any member of Ministry & Worship or O&M to share a concern or need.  Their contact information is in every Miscellany inside the front cover.

Looking forward to joining you in our virtual community,

Barb Stephens,

*** Western Friend supports a variety of worship groups over the internet, if you’d like to check in with them at

Zoom “Quaker Check in”

Ministry and Worship and Oversight and Membership will be offering check in sessions via Zoom in order to help the community stay connected and possibly offer ideas and support to one another during this time of coronavirus isolation.

Three sessions will be offered with a limit of 10 persons per session in order to give participants the time to express themselves. Sessions will last about 1 hour each. If more than 30 Quakers wish to participate we will do our best to offer additional sessions.  Each session will use the same process and questions:  check with each participant how and what they are doing, ask each participant about their short and long term concerns, offer short suggestions and responses. 

The Check in sessions are currently scheduled for:

Tuesday 3/31/2020, 3:00 pm

Thursday 4/2/2020, 1:00 pm

Saturday 4/4/2020, 1:00 pm

The check ins will be hosted by Tom Bache-Wiig, Rebecca Morris, and Lisa Toko-Ross.

If you would like to participate, send a brief email with the Subject line QUAKER CHECK IN to one of the following :,,   Email should include your name, email, and phone numbers and, and list each of the sessions that you could participate in. You will only be invited to one session.  Participation will be limited to 30.   We will sort the emails into appropriate group sizes and send out invitations for a zoom conference.  We will do our best to add more sessions if enough requests are received.

Caregiver Support Group meets 9-10:30 AM every Saturday on Zoom


 Caregiver Support Group meets 9-10:30 AM every Saturday, via Zoom, beginning next Saturday, April 4. The group is for any Friend who is doing care for another person, Covid19 or not. It’s drop-in, come whenever you can; no need to come every week. We do not give un-requested advice. Instead, we listen to each other with compassion. To receive a Zoom invitation, call, text or email Lessie Myers well before the meeting time: 720-539-0258 If you need coaching on how to use Zoom, let Lessie know. And, if you haven’t see it yet, here’s the link to CDC guidelines for caring for someone sick with Covid19:


Submitted by Service Committee

Directions to Make Your Own Face Mask

Use this CDC link to make your own face mask, and send this to people you know. It is highly recommended that all people wear face masks when outside to protect other people. People spread it who have no symptoms. Also, recommend that you buy supplies on line and not go to a store. I use old cotton sheets for my masks.  I add an extra piece of flannel inside the two layers of sheeting, and add a pipe cleaner inside the top for snug nose fit, and use 100% tight-woven sheeting – can be old or used. Please call Sandy Bierman with questions: 720-725-7000.

Quaker Women's Retreat: April 24 – 26, 2020, Going Virtual, Free, and Inviting Men Too

In light of seeing that we will not be able to have this year’s women’s retreat as planned in person, we are opening up the doors as it were to have a virtual retreat, instead.

Please fill out this quick poll so we get a sense as to what days and times work best for everyone. We hope to have the same days as the original retreat (April 24-26), and each day was one workshop so please pick the time that works best for you for each workshop (i.e. Friday, workshop 1, at 9:00a-10:00a)

We are opening this retreat to everyone–men as well, and free of charge!

Please reach out if you have any questions.


Sulastri Carr


Intermountain Yearly Meeting (IMYM): Plan changes due to Covid-19

See for updated information on the 2020 IMYM Annual Gathering, previously planned for June 14-21 in Durango. 

After asking for input from many Friends, the co-clerks of IMYM, together with the Clerks of Arrangements and Representatives, have discerned that we cannot safely, joyously, and with confidence, gather together in Durango this June. We are in our own discernment process about alternatives to fill the needs of Friends of all ages in our community: for spiritual enrichment, the desire/need for socialization (and FUN!), creativity, and building/strengthening community, while keeping all IMYM Friends safe. An update will follow soon.

Valerie Ireland and Gale Toko-Ross

IMYM Co-Clerks

March 27, 2002

No BFM Friends Now Cooking at Boulder Shelter
With regrets, BFM Friends are temporarily suspending volunteer cooking for Boulder Shelter. The shelter authorities have determined that the shelter will function for the near future without volunteers, in order to be aligned with Public Health safety guidelines. We plan to resume our assistance to the shelter as soon as we can safely do so.
Submitted by the Service Committee
Spring Potlucks are Postponed until further notice
FRIENDS ONLINE PROFILES – Please help us build community
  • Have you ever spoken with someone during Fellowship and later wanted to contact them but you couldn’t remember their name? 
  • Do you sometimes wish you knew a little more about some of the people in our Meeting? 

Tada! Soon these and similar kinds of issues will be a thing of the past, due to a new feature on our website added by the Web Committee, called Friends Online Profiles! Friends Online Profiles is a community builder, a way for all of us to get to know one another better. 

To view this new feature after you have logged into the website, from the far right Members drop-down menu, choose “Friends Online Profiles”. You will see all of the members and attenders listed who currently have a login to our website. You can click on “View Profile” for anyone to see details. 

Currently there is not much information visible for most people. That’s where you come in! We all need to fill in some details for ourselves. Here’s how to update your own profile: 

From the website’s Members drop-down menu at far right, look for “Update your Online Profile”. 

Once there, upload a digital picture of yourself. Head shots are best, because the image will be very small and we want to recognize you. Then continue to fill in as many fields as you like and are comfortable with. 

When done, click “Submit”. That’s it! 

You can make changes at any time. 

Note that these profiles are secure — they are only visible to people within our Meeting who have logged into the protected pages of our website. 

The Web Committee would like to help. We will have someone in Fellowship Hall, computer in hand, after Meeting for Worship most Sundays in April to help anyone who would like some help with this. And we’ll help after April too. 

It will take all of us to make it work. We invite you to be a part of it. Thank you. 

— Judi Dressler for the Web Committee 

Colorado Regional Spring Gathering in Ft. Collins, April 19, has been canceled
New Book: Going Into the Light: Death and Dying Support for Boulder Friends Meeting

Molly Greacen and the Grief and Bereavement Committee  has copies of the new book Going Into the Light: Death and Dying Support for Boulder Friends Meeting available for purchase. You can call her at 303.931.6367, or ask her at meeting on Sundays.  The cost is $18.00, and checks can be made out to Molly Greacen. Cash is fine too, and she can also do credit cards. There are two copies available in the library for check out as well. 

Anne Marie has made available a DVD of the Sep. 15 program hour on green funeral and burial with speakers from the Natural Funeral in Lafayette along with our committee members.  It is in the library and you can check it out.  Further information from the panelists is available at and a free online magazine at

Called to serve in a new direction? Opportunities from the Service Committee

The Service Committee alerts Friends to these needs for volunteers.  Scheduling can be flexible and occasional.Contact any Service Committee member with questions.

 Our Meeting

 Provide a ride to Meeting for a Friend who has no means of transportation. Visit a friend just back from the hospital, or a caregiver approaching burnout. Work with a Service Committee member in the occasional use of “Meal Train,” a computer program to organize temporary help for Boulder Meeting Friends with home visits, food etc.

 Homeless at Bridge House

 Meet as personal mentor with one homeless client, every week or two. Drive clients to appointments. Work the front desk or do data entry. Write “success stories”. Help the Chef…and many more. Contact Scott Medina

 Homeless at Boulder Shelter – Dinner

Every third Saturday help to cook, serve and clean up after dinner, along with a group of about 7 Friends from our meeting. More hands are always needed.

Safehouse (“SPAN” – Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Non-violence)

Answer the crisis phone line at Boulder’s shelter for people of all genders in danger because of domestic abuse and violence. 33 hour training is extensive and excellent.

 Food Pantry – Harvest of Hope

Stock shelves or shop with one client at a time, at Boulder’s free food pantry for people with severe food deficits. Training is simple and brief. Contact Andrew DeQuiroz, 720-382-1971,

Submitted by Lessie Myers,, 720-539-0258

Beautiful name tags available from our Junior and Senior Young Friends

The SYFs and JYFs have made watercolor nametags for you as part of their 5th Sunday service project. If you’d like to add some color to your nametag, they can be found in the drawer that’s part of the nametag table, as well as a Sharpie to write your name (and preferred pronouns, if you’d like to add those, too). Enjoy!

Change to King Soopers program for AFSC

King Soopers has changed the way we earn money for AFSC.  We no longer reload grocery cards.  We now link the Boulder Meeting of Friends to the King Soopers or City Market loyaltycard.  You have probably been using the loyalty card for years – you swipe the card or enter your phone number when you pay for groceries.

To link your loyalty card to the Boulder meeting of friends:

  • For King Soopers Stores – go to
  • For City Market Stores – go to

Once logged into your account you can search for Boulder Meeting of Friends either by name or JT735 and then click Enroll. New userswill need to create an account which requires some basic information, a valid email address and a loyalty card number.

*If a member does not yet have a King Soopers or City Market loyalty card, please ask for one at the customer service desk at any King Soopers or City Market.

REMEMBER, purchases will not count for the Meeting until after you register your loyalty card.

Swipe the registered King Soopers or City Market loyalty card or use the phone number that is related to the registered King Soopers or City Market loyalty card when shopping for each purchase to count.


Circle of Light – Holding Friends in the Light

Circle of Light is up and ready with nine participants; Email Daniel Booth ( if you would like to participate in sending Light to those who request it. This supplement to our post-worship Joys and Sorrows appears to have much support from Meeting for several reasons, especially its immediacy. First suggested as a prayer circle, “Circle of Light” seemed a more inclusive name. We hope to surround those in need with Light as soon as it is requested.

If you have a request that you or your loved ones be held in the Light, email Daniel Booth, ( or text/call at 303-594-6138 and your request will go out promptly. Should you wish to remain anonymous, just provide whatever details are needed for us to focus on your situation.

Creating a safe, scent-free meeting house

In consideration for our chemically sensitive friends, please refrain from using scented products.  The fewer scented products we all use, the more likely people with respiratory conditions, chemical sensitivities and allergies will be able to enjoy and participate fully in our Meeting.  Products to avoid include: perfumes, aftershave, lotions, body washes, sunscreen, essential oils, shampoos, conditioners, many hair products, scented deodorants, scented laundry soap, dryer sheets, and fabric softeners.

Incense and air fresheners (like plug-ins) infuse chemicals into our clothes and hair. The best way to know if a product has a fragrance is to check the ingredients before purchase.  If the word “fragrance” or an essential oil is listed then they aren’t fragrance free.  Please consider not using them when attending Meeting.

Recommended alternatives:  Safe Products for Chemically Sensitive People.

Business Meeting Email List: Please sign up!

A reminder that if you wish to receive the agenda and any documents to be discussed at the up-coming monthly business meetings you can sign up on the special emailing list. Please indicate your desire to receive this mailing, which will come to you by the Thursday before business meeting, to  If any problems or questions, please contact Judi Dressler.

Incident Report Form

Please use this Incident Report Form to report an accident, injury or incident that impacts our meeting house or the people in it.  Email it to the addresses on the form.

Current Needs

Food Donations to EFAA:  Bring non-perishable food items for Emergency Family Assistance, put them in the white barrel in the lobby.

Ongoing Announcements

Meeting for Worship Arrival Time: The Ministry & Worship Committee is grateful for your presence and attendance. When you aren’t here, we miss you. We would like to remind Friends that early Meeting for Worship starts at 8:30 and standard Meeting for Worship starts at 10:00 a.m., whether you are in the worship room or out in the foyer. If you find you can not arrive on time, please be mindful that noise in the foyer carries into the meeting room and can disturb those gathered in worship. Please gather in silence with others in the foyer to prepare yourself to join the larger Meeting for Worship. 

Parking: Please remember not to park in front of our neighbors’ homes on Upland. Instead, please park in the Crestview School lot at 19th & Sumac or in the double row of spaces across the street on Upland. 

Grocery Cards benefiting the American Friends Service Committee are sold regularly during Fellowship times, after Sunday 8:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. Meetings for Worship. Your purchases are a convenient way for Friends to support Quaker Good Work in the wider world. 

Contributions: The Boulder Meeting of Friends is a non-profit, religious organization which relies on contributions and volunteer service to support the various service committees. There is a small wooden box for contributions on the table to the left of the door as you leave the Meeting Room. Money may be given at any time to the Treasurer, c/o Boulder Meeting of Friends, P.O. Box 4363, Boulder CO 80306. Donations may also be made online via PayPal links at Many thanks for your support. 

Create your own log-in to our website by clicking on the right-most link in the navigation bar. It is important that you create your new login with a secure password (i.e., use uppercase, lowercase, number, & symbol) to provide better security for protected pages. The web committee will try to approve your login within 48 hours. 

For further information...

For further information about any of the above activities, contact

Friends Committee on National Legislation(FCNL)

Intermountain Yearly Meeting (IMYM)