Upcoming Meeting Events

BFM Book Group Thursday May 30 at 1 PM
BFM Book Group will meet on Thursday, May 30, at 1 PM at the Meeting House to discuss Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles. For more information, contact Miriam (;720-645-3630) or Becky (; 303-459-3233).
Robert Nichols's Spiritual Journey: Sunday June 2 at 12 PM

Robert Nichols will give his Spiritual Journey on Sunday June 2, 2024 from 12 PM to 1PM. He needed to postpone his original date of May 5 and change it to June 2nd.  This is a hybrid program hour and will be recorded on Zoom.  This is an opportunity to deepen our spiritual and community connections.

This meeting is on our regular meeting link:
Join Zoom Meeting with video from a computer, tablet, or smart phone:
Join with audio only by phone: 1-669-900-6833 (*6 to mute/unmute, *9 to raise hand)
Meeting ID: 962 7356 8620 Password: 063025

Submitted by Anne Marie Pois

Save the Date: BFM Retreat in Estes Park on July 20

Save the Date: BFM Retreat in Estes Park on July 20.

Location: Home of Carol Dreselly and Steve Thomas 

Date: Saturday, July 20, 2024 

More information to come. 

Submitted by Ministry & Worship

New Boulder Meeting Announcements

2024 FGC Gathering at Haverford College, Haverford PA

The 2024 Friends General Conference “Gathering” will be held June 30, 2024- July 6, 2024 at Haverford College in Haverford PA. To register for the 2024 Gathering or learn more about the event, visit <>. Submitted by Chris Braider, BFM Clerk

Submit Applications to the Higher Education Scholarship Committee by July 26, 2024
The deadline to submit an application to the BFM Higher Education Scholarship Committee is July 26, 2024. Scholarships will be awarded to members or attenders of the Boulder Meeting of Friends or their children.. Recipients must be enrolled in a 2 or 4 year academic institution with a goal of receiving an AS, AA or Bachelor’s degree.

For more information or to apply, please contact Marilyn Powell or Susan Stephens (

Video of Barbara Kelly’s Civil Rights Journey to the South

Did you miss Barbara Kelly’s program hour presentation about her Civil Rights tour of the South? The Zoom recording is available here. She also recommended this documentary Mighty Times: The Children’s March. Barbara’s comfortable storytelling combined with her knowledge about the Civil Rights movement made this an interesting presentation.

Zoom Recording of Prison Ministry Program Hour

Colorado Regional Meeting in our Boulder meetinghouse on April 21 featured time for fellowship, a delicious potluck, and an informative program hour on prison ministry. You can watch it on this link.

Register for IMYM 2024, June 12-16

Please join us for the Fiftieth Anniversary Intermountain Yearly Meeting Annual Gathering 2024 at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. We’ll meet together in-person and online (hybrid), Wednesday, June 12 to Sunday, 16, 2024. Our theme is “Weaving Space for Becoming.” To learn more and register, go to Call to IMYM 2024 Annual Gathering

Informal Chats After Meeting on 1st and 3rd Sundays

“What happened in Meeting today?” “How can I better center down during Meeting for Worship?” “What do Quakers mean when they say ‘Friend speaks my mind’?”

The Spiritual Growth Revitalization Committee is planning informal chats after meeting for worship to discuss questions like these (and others) for newcomers and anyone interested.

A leader from our group will be in the Library after the rise of Meeting on the 1st and 3rd Sundays.

The Library will continue to be available for book browsing, and the discussions will last about 30 minutes. In the future, we plan specific topics to be announced in advance. But these introductory sessions will be ad lib, and seasoned Quakers are welcome to come and add their experiences to the mix.

See you on August 6th in the Library after rise of Meeting!

Learn and Take Action

IMYM P&SJ Roundtable May 25
Intermountain Yearly Meeting, Peace & Social Justice Roundtable: Meets Last Saturday of the month, 2PM MST via Zoom.

Share peace and social justice concerns and projects.  Get ideas to take to your Meeting for seasoning.

Topic for May 25: Help for Immigrants with Special Guest Jennifer Piper, AFSC

For more information see or contact Anne Remley (

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 879 0866 2511
Passcode: 520517

Recording and Links from Steve Chase's May 19 Program Hour

To view the recording of Steve Chase’s May 19th Program Hour, please download ZOOM files to your computer. These files are accessed at the following link:


VISION FOR PEACE is a Quaker plan that shares Friends’ long history in the Middle East and calls on Israelis and Palestinians to work together for a lasting peace with full human rights for all in Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank:

The Vision Peace plan supports an end to Israel’s occupation, and it calls for equal protection and rights for all residents, urging: “Ensure an inclusive political process for peace that incorporates all voices, perspectives, and political factions,” emphasizing the inclusion of those “most affected by injustice and violence.”

The statement is supported by eight major Quaker organizations–American Friends Service Committee, Canadian Friends Service Committee, Friends World Committee for Consultation, Friends Committee on National Legislation, Quakers in Britain, Quaker Council on European Affairs, Quaker Peace and Social Witness, and the Quaker United Nations Office. Other organizations and meetings are Invited to join.

BFM PSJ invites Friends to review these positive proposals. Discuss them widely with concerned Friends and friends.

Submitted by Anne Remley on behalf of BFM P&SJ

Gaza Girl’s Family is Free
Good news from Cairo:  The family of the Boulder student we zoomed and funded has reached safety!
The sister of our Raghad Alafifi writes:

I have an incredible update to share. After tireless efforts, my family successfully left Gaza a few days ago and is now in Egypt, taking a moment to settle down and contemplate their new beginnings. None of this would have been possible without your generosity which you have shown through donations and sharing within your networks. We cannot express enough gratitude and relief. Your actions have not only saved the lives of my 8 family members who were in Gaza but in reality, 11, including my siblings and mine, who would have been practically over if anything had happened to our family.

My little sister is now spending a few days with our family in Cairo to help with their adjustment. As we navigate the next steps, it’s essential to note that Egypt permits a 45-day stay, after which fines accrue for overstaying. I’m considering countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, where asylum opportunities appear promising. Unfortunately, Turkey remains unfeasible.

Your continued support is invaluable as we continue to help my family start this new chapter of their lives while still worried sick for those we left behind in Gaza.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!  Sara Alafifi

Submitted by Anne Remley
Host an Afghan Girl to Study in Boulder

Boulder Friends Meeting received this letter from Sarah Shed, who is involved in this program:

Dear Friends,

As you probably know, since the Taliban came back in charge in Afghanistan in the fall of 2021, the lives of women and girls have been drastically curtailed. School is not allowed for girls past grade six, girls are kidnapped into marriage with members of the Taliban, women cannot walk freely without a male relative. The Afghan Scout Relief Fund has been working to get academically able young women, former Scouts, out of Afghanistan to finish their schooling in the US.  This is the website of this program, The web site is purposely understated, and hasn’t been updated in some time. Every effort is being made to keep this small, but powerful, program under the Taliban radar and off social media. 

One prospective student is 17 year old Rihanna Arefi.  Rihanna’s situation is unique in that her sister, Nazira Arefi, arrived in Boulder as a ASFR student late November and is attending Shining Mountain Waldorf School, in North Boulder, for her senior year. 

I am Nazira’s host mom this year and it has been a wonderful experience for both of us. I am more than happy to talk with anyone who might be interested in hosting her sister. I feel that I have come to know her whole family over the past few months and I can say with certainty that this is a loving supportive family, one that wants their daughters to have a chance for education and a life outside the restrictions of Afghanistan, even though it means they may never see them again.

Shining Mt has offered a four year scholarship for Rihanna, she could begin in the 9th grade next fall. There are a number of hurdles to clear for herto ccome here. These include moving from Afghanistan to Pakistan for an interim period where she will study English intensively. She has made a good start in English and understands well, but needs work on grammar, tense and practice speaking. She has consistently been at the top of her classes in Afghanistan but the educational systems are so different that some remediation will be required. And of course she has been denied education for the past two and half years. She must also pass an interview  with the US Embassy in Islamabad in order to get her F1 student visa. It often takes multiple interviews for the embassy to grant a visa, despite extensive preparation by the ASRF staff. Her sister passed on the first try however and we can hope Rihanna will also.  The Embassy is not scheduling interviews until the new school year approaches, probably  August, because once students are granted the visa they leave the country quickly and the US wants to make sure students will be entering directly into school once they arrive. For all this to happen she must have a host family lined up- most likely several host families – over the course of her school years. We can start the process when there is a host family committed for the first year.  ASFR is looking for families that are loving and supportive and can commit to the following, at a minimum:

 Be willing to share personal home information, including documentation of adequate finances, with Rihanna so she can share with Embassy officials, and then send some documentation of finances when requested by the Embassy.

 Ensure transportation to and from Shining Mountain. This doesn’t necessarily mean driving every day, but could include provision of a bike and bus pass where appropriate, or living close enough for walking.

Communicate with school staff and participate as a parent in school activites to a reasonable extent.

Provide international student health insurance. The ISO group provides plans for as low at 35$/month.

Provide adequate clothing and supplies. Boulder’s excellent thrift stores are usually sufficient.

Provide food, and understand that the adjustment to western food may be challenging, and halal meat is desirable if meat is on the menu.

Support the student’s expression of Islam. Nazira chooses not to wear a hijab except during the month of Ramadan. I suspect her sister will make the same choice but don’t know for certain.

Provide a home for the school year. ASFR will provide summer opportunities for students.

If you are interested or have questions please contact me, Sarah Shed at 207-242-3263 or by email, and I will try to answer questions and put you in touch with the ASRF staff.

I have been so grateful for this opportunity to learn from my Afghan daughter and support her in this major transition. I hope there will be others that can extend their homes and hearts.

Warm Regards


FCNL April Update
Quaker organizations around the country that are appalled at the destruction (humanitarian, physical, financial, educational, health-related) of the Middle East have shared, through the FCNL, their statements and Minutes.  Here is a sample:
Statement of Concern about Violence in Israel-Palestine
Mountain View Friends Meeting, Denver, Colorado
We are heartbroken by the recent violence in Israel and Gaza. We recognize there are complex historical and contemporary roots to this conflict. Today, we deeply mourn the loss of all lives and pray for those who have lost loved ones as well as those suffering trauma related to the violence. As Quakers, we are called to action.
We unequivocally condemn Hamas’ attacks and inhumane treatment of civilians and call for the immediate release of all hostages. We also condemn the widespread and continuing violent Israeli response that has already claimed thousands of civilian lives.
More war and weapons will not bring peace. In the face of growing violence, we implore lawmakers to:
• Call for an immediate ceasefire.
• Work to end the widespread suffering and impact by calling for de-escalation, and respect for international law.
• Provide efficient and widespread access to comprehensive humanitarian aid throughout the region.
• Address the root causes underlying this explosion of violence.

Statement by the Santa Monica Friends
(Quaker) Meeting

We believe there is that of God in each person and therefore promote peace.
The recent war in Gaza, since October 2023, has resulted in horrific suffering for countless human beings.
With others, we call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, greatly increased humanitarian aid, and
diplomatic negotiations toward a just peace.

                                        Barbara Kelly
                                        FCNL Liaison
Donations Needed for Refugee Family in Africa

Judy Huston is collecting donations for the family of Rebecca Chaan David, who are living in refugee camps in Kenya as well as in Bentiu, South Sudan. Because of cutbacks in aid to both refugees and families in South Sudan, many people are facing starvation, including Rebecca’s family. There are children of all ages. Donations will be sent to Rebecca’s sister in law in Kenya, who will use the money for immediate food needs. Please contact Judy ( to make a donation, or simply use PayPal or Venmo.

Resources and Actions on the Israel/Palestine Situation

Resources and actions on the Israel/Palestine situation include this article by George Lakey.

Join AFSC for Meeting for Worship with Attention to Peace in Palestine and Israel, alternate Fridays at 10 AM.

AFSC is also a great source for updates on Gaza and Palestine. We update materials every few weeks, here is our latest report What’s Happening in Gaza and the West Bank and here, Delivering Food to Palestinians in Gaza folks can learn about how AFSC’s deep ties going back 40 years allow us to provide important humanitarian assistance.

Check FCNL’s call for a Ceasefire Advocacy Kit.

Truth and Healing Commission
IPC urges Friends to support the establishment of a Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding Schools. FCNL provides information plus model letters to our senators (Hickenlooper and Bennet) and Representative Neguse: click here.
FCNL information submitted by Barbara Kelly:

During the Indian Boarding School Era, Quakers ran more than thirty schools across the country, harming thousands of Native children. Many Quakers thought they were helping Native children by assimilating them into white culture. Alongside the work of countless Native activists, Quakers across the United States are confronting the harms of Friends’ involvement in this assimilation process and seeking to right relationships with Native American communities.

The Truth and Healing Commission bill initially introduced by former Representative and current Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA) is a first step.

The bill would create a federal commission to investigate the U.S. government’s assimilation of Native children through Indian Boarding Schools and propose recommendations to begin addressing these harms. Native-led organizations have spent countless hours lobbying Congress and working with survivors to create a process for meaningful reconciliation. Congress has never apologized for the Indian Boarding School Era, nor taken meaningful action to address the long-term impacts that its policies had on Native communities.

Please contact your Representatives and Senators to encourage them to support this legislation.
                                                Barbara Kelly
                                                FCNL Liaison
Update from the IPCC

BFM donated $3,100 toward the $2.4 million goal for land transfer from the Woolman School/Sierra Friends Center to the Nisenan tribe in California (CHIRP). See for more information. For more information about IPCC activities and events, contact Paula Palmer.

Our Community

These announcements are not necessarily endorsed by Boulder Friends Meeting but are provided as a service to members and attenders.

Toko-Rosses become Honolulu’s next Resident Couple

Gale and Lisa are leaving Colorado in July to serve for 2 years as Honolulu Friends Meeting’s Resident Couple.  There will be a gathering June 1st.  More details to follow.

Submitted by Lisa and Gale Toko-Ross

Kevin Slick in a Musical Video for Ukraine

Hello Friends,

I hope you’ll watch this video that I participated in making. It’s a medley of “One Voice, Many Hearts” and the Ukrainian National Anthem in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. 
Missing you all, hope to see you online soon.

-Kevin Slick
Hear John Huyler’s Health Updates and Leave Him a Message

John Huyler has a recent diagnosis of leukemia and is starting chemotherapy. He has set up a way to update Friends and to allow us to leave him messages. He writes: “I have revived my old work number which is still listed in the Directory: 303-444-4777. It works like a charm so people can get an update from me and leave me a message if they want. No fear or worry about waking me up as it never rings. I am sleeping a lot more these days since beginning chemo. It’s a real thrill to listen to the messages of support.” Gratefully, John

Martha Larson Update

Martha greatly appreciates the donations to her GoFundMe page, which are helping her through this difficult time. It’s remaining open because she is still struggling with rent, groceries, and bills, even though she is now working part time. Her physical and occupational therapists for her brain injury and Lyme Disease haven’t yet approved full-time work, and she continues to focus on her PT and OT exercises and fit extra rest into her day as she heals. Do you feel called to make a holiday gift to her GoFundMe? You can contribute here. Many thanks for any donation, big or small. Martha has helped so many people in the past. If you have any ideas of social services or non-profits that could help her, please share that information too.

(December update)

Please Submit Announcements for Our Community

This section lets us share our greatest joys and sorrows.

Regular Worship, Child Care, and First Day School Schedules

Hybrid IN-PERSON/Zoom Worship: Sundays at 10:00

Boulder Friends Meeting conducts hybrid in-person and Zoom worship every Sunday at 10 AM. You are welcome to come to the meetinghouse or join us online. Friends often gather for coffee and fellowship after in-person Meeting. Optional participation in fellowship breakout rooms immediately follows Meeting for Worship on Zoom most Sundays.

To join by Zoom:

We are now using one joining link for all of our BFM meetings.

Join Zoom Meeting with video from a computer, tablet, or smart phone:

Join with audio only by phone: 1-669-900-6833 (*6 to mute/unmute, *9 to raise hand)

Meeting ID: 962 7356 8620 Password: 063025

Early Worship in the Meetinghouse: Sundays 8:30 – 9:30

Our Early Meeting for Worship in the meetinghouse (no Zoom) usually attracts a handful of Friends who generally worship in silence. No announcements or group sharing of Joys and Sorrows as in the 10:00 Meeting. You can greet friends arriving for the later meeting if you stick around afterwards. All are welcome.

Outdoor Sunday Morning Worship in Louisville: 10:00 AM

All are invited to outdoor worship in Cottonwood Park, Louisville, 10:00-11:00 AM. Parking is available on the street in front of 1473 Adams Place. Walk along the easement between the houses, and you will see the fishing deck just down the hill to the south. Bring your own chair and a sun hat. For more info, contact Alyson Crabtree,, or text 303-415-0585.

Meeting for Worship in Arvada on 1st Sundays: 10 AM – 11 AM

A Meeting for Worship is held monthly at the Stephens’ home in Arvada at 8467 Chase Drive. Call Barb at 303-918-9065 with questions. All are welcome!

First Day School (Sunday School): 2nd and 4th Sundays, 10:15 – 11:15

First Day School (Sunday School) meets on 2nd and 4th Sundays, 10:15 – 11:15. One class serves grades K – 3, and the other class includes grades 4 and up. Check here or on our calendar for details, or join Susan‘s email list. Curious about next Sunday’s lesson plans? Contact Susan Stephens.

Do you feel called to teach our children or teens? Check our website for more information, towards the bottom of this page.

Our Nursery is Open Sundays, 10:00 – 11:30

The nursery in the New Horizons portion of our meeting house will be open every Sunday, between the hours of 10:00 and 11:30. If you have a baby or a young child up to five years old, please consider bring them to our nursery. Our excellent childcare provider, Constantine Mingoube, will be happy to meet you and find out what your baby or young child needs, such as dietary restrictions. You may contact her in advance at 720-323-7778.


Ongoing Meeting Announcements

Use Submissions Guidelines for Announcements, Bulletin, and Calendar

Most announcements get posted on the website Announcements page and also in the Bulletin. Boulder Friends Meeting events, as well as Regional and IMYM events, also get posted on our calendar. These instructions remind you to submit for all 3 when needed, and they also include the details needed for each kind of submission. You can see these Communication Submissions Guidelines here as a PDF file or read them below.


Submit your announcement in final form. Please include the following information.

  • Short title
  • Body of the announcement including date, time and location
  • “Submitted by(Committee or Individual Friend)
  • When the post should be taken down

 Friday Bulletin:

Send a brief (40 word max) version for the Friday Bulletin. Include the most relevant information and links. You can refer readers to the Announcements page. Bulletin items must be received by 10 a.m. on Friday to ensure inclusion in that day’s Bulletin.


Include date, time, Zoom/in-person/hybrid, Zoom link if different from regular BFM link, and description.

 How to Submit:

Send your information to

What Not to Send:

Please do not include communications team members in committee email strings. We count on you to finalize your wording.


Communications Team: Miriam Sander, Paul Landskroener, and Margaret Wallace

Leasing of Meeting House

If you or someone you know is looking for a venue at which to hold regular meetings or a single event, please keep our building in mind.  It can be for one day or one evening, a weekend, or on-going as a place to meet weekly or monthly. Rates are very reasonable. We only lease for non-profit purposes. Contact Linda Johnson, Building Use Coordinator, at

King Soopers Community Rewards

This fundraising source, set up by Sharon Reimer, continues to benefit our Meeting. Friends can link their King Sooper loyalty card to a charity. If they choose Boulder Friends Meeting as the charity, King Soopers will donate a fraction of each purchase amount to our Meeting, at no cost to the customer. We received $124 from this program recently, for the third quarter of 2023. 

Building Use for Committees – Tell our Building Use Coordinator

Please tell Linda Johnson (970-420-3289), Building Use Coordinator, when your committee will meet and which room you will use. This goes on our calendar to avoid overlaps between BFM groups and outside organizations.

Sign up for Friend at the Door
 Friends can sign up to be Friend at the door on the sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the kitchen.  If you sign up to be Friend at the door on a Sunday, please also email me, Nancy Keith –, you can also call or text me at:  720.597.2685
Thank you for helping out with this important task for our Meeting.  If you find that you are not able to attend on the Sunday you signed up to be Friend at the door,  please call or text me so that I can find another Friend to take your place.
Boulder Friends Meeting statement on Israel and Gaza, Approved Nov. 5, 2023

At Meeting for Worship with Concern for Business on Nov 5, 2023, Friends approved the following statement:

We are heartbroken by the recent violence in Israel and Gaza. As Quakers, we deeply mourn the loss of all lives and pray for those who have lost loved ones due to this latest escalation. We unequivocally condemn Hamas’ attacks and inhumane treatment of civilians and call for the immediate release of all hostages. We also condemn the indiscriminate and violent Israeli response that has already claimed thousands of civilian lives.

More war and weapons won’t bring peace. In the face of growing violence, lawmakers must:

  • Work to de-escalate this situation by calling for restraint, ceasefire, de-escalation, and respect for international law.
  • Protect lives—those of the Israeli hostages and the millions of civilians who live in Gaza.
  • Address the root causes underlying this explosion of violence.

We call for an immediate ceasefire, de-escalation, and restraint to prevent further civilian harm in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

You can download this statement here to send to politicians, F/friends, or to post on your social media feeds.

Sign up to Help with Fellowship – Fun and Easy!
Looking for an easy way to get involved in the life of the Meeting? Consider signing up to help the Fellowship Committee provide coffee/tea and snacks after the Meeting.  It’s simple…
          – Prepare coffee/tea and put out snacks!
          – Meet and chat with others after Meeting!
          – Help according to your schedule and availability!
          – No meetings to attend!
          – Achieve satisfaction for lending a hand!
          – Have a good time!!
Either use the sign-up sheet on the Bulletin Board in the Fellowship Room or contact me directly.  Text or call Linda Johnson 970-420-3289. 
How to Submit Announcement, Bulletin and Calendar Items

For a printable version, please click here.


  • Please include the following information:
  • Short title, including date and time (of an event)
  • Body of the announcement (Can be short or lengthy)
  • Links are welcome (I can embed them)
  • Photos, if essential (Difficult to post, but possible)
  • Short “save-the-date” statements okay if full announcement not ready
  • Add: “Submitted by” (Committee or Individual Friend)
  • Submit announcements in final form if possible


Send a brief (1 – 2 sentence) version for the Friday Bulletin. Include links if available.


Meeting events will be added to the Calendar.

How to Submit:

Send all postings to

What Not to Send:

Please do not include me in committee email strings. I count on you to finalize your wording.


Margaret Wallace for Web Committee

Sign Up to Cook and Serve at the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

We cook and serve at The Homeless Shelter on the third Saturday evening of each month. Please contact Miriam Sander at or (720) 645-3630 to be included in the schedule. It isn’t necessary to participate every month; the cooking schedule can work with your personal schedule. Come work with friends to provide this critical service to our homeless community.

New Membership Information Packet

A new “Member Packet” of information for people considering membership in Boulder Friends Meeting has been developed by the Oversight and Membership (O&M) committee.  They would like feedback and suggestions from current members and attenders.  Please read and send comments to Chris Braider (

Invitation to Worship with Albuquerque Meeting

Hello Boulder Quakers!

Albuquerque Monthly Meeting has the following invitation for you:

The Worship and Ministry Committee of Albuquerque Monthly Meeting invites you to attend our new twice-a-month online Wednesday evening Meeting for Worship. These will be held on the first and third Wednesdaysfrom 7:00 to 8:20 pm, beginning November 15th, 2023. Be sure to use the correct Zoom link as they are different from one another.

1st Wednesday link:

3rd Wednesday link:

We are inviting members from meetings within IMYM to join us, which will enable us to have fellowship beyond just the annual gathering. Please feel free to forward this email to Friends who might be interested in attending.

The format of this meeting is as follows: unprogrammed worship for one hour (7:00-8:00 pm) and then introductions, sharing of joys and sorrows, brief announcements, and time for fellowship. We request that you enter the meeting in silence. The first person to open the link will begin expectant worship. Participants will automatically be muted as they join. Please unmute only to give vocal ministry and then re-mute during the first hour.

Should you need help during the meeting, use Chat to send a direct message to the Host, who can be found under the Participant tab. Please avoid use of the chat for any other purpose during the worship hour, as many find it distracting.  

Contact Henry Selters (505-985-4981) or Lynn Huxtable (505-688-2583) with any questions. We hope to see you there!

EFAA (Emergency Family Assistance Association) Food Donations Are Badly Needed

Please bring non-perishable food donations for EFAA. The white barrel is at the meetinghouse year round waiting to be filled, and Friends have offered to deliver the food to EFAA. Other donations can be taken or sent to EFAA at 1575 Yarmouth Ave., Boulder, 80304, just a few blocks from the meetinghouse!

– Submitted by the Service Committee

Easy Access to the Calendar, Announcements, and Zoom Links

Having trouble finding the calendar, Announcements, or Zoom links? Download this document by clicking on it and put it on your computer desktop for easy access. Useful Links for Quaker Friends


Circle of Light – Holding Friends in the Light

Would you like to participate in sending Light to those who request it? This supplement to our post-worship Joys and Sorrows appears to have much support from Meeting for several reasons, especially its immediacy. First suggested as a prayer circle, “Circle of Light” seemed a more inclusive name. We try to surround those in need with Light as soon as it is requested.

If you have a request that you or your loved ones be held in the Light, email Daniel Booth ( or text/call 303-594-6138 and your request will go out promptly. Should you wish to remain anonymous, just provide whatever details are needed for us to focus on your situation.

Friends Emergency Fund

Your Oversight and Membership committee wants to remind friends during this difficult time that the Meeting has a long-standing Friends Emergency Fund that can provide funds to those closely connected to the Meeting who are faced with emergency situations involving severe short-term financial need.

Information about the fund — how to apply for it, and limitations to it — are on the Meeting’s website.  Login on the website, then click Procedures, Policies, and Finances.  (You must be logged in to access that page.)  For more information, please feel free to contact any member of O&M:

Boulder Friends Meeting's Email Lists
To be added to any of Boulder Friends Meeting’s email lists, please send an email to  In the email, let us know which lists you would like to be added to:
– The Friday/Saturday weekly Bulletin list
– The Emergency/Memorial list
– The monthly Business Meeting list
You are welcome to join all lists or just one or two.
For further information...
For further information about any of the above activities, contact

Friends Committee on National Legislation(FCNL)