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Boulder Meeting’s Blog page highlights the projects, activities, and interests of individual members and attenders.  The Blog page is intended to encourage sharing of ideas and to help us get to know each other.   Do you have something to share with the rest of us?  Perhaps a trip where you provided outreach work, an article you wrote that concerns Friends, or something similar?  If so, this may be the place to post it!   

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How to Post a Blog Entry

Send your article or story to the web committee, and we will post it for you.
OR, if you’d like to do it yourself (we’d love you to!), please follow these steps:
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Kevin Moore’s Blog on his trip to Antarctica

As many of you know, but many more of you don’t, I am going to be wintering over at Palmer Station Antarctica this austral winter. I will be down there from the end of March to the end of October. I decided that the best way to share my adventure with friends and family would be to write a blog. I’m hoping that I’ll have time to do lots of posts with lots of pictures. We shall see. I know it’ll be pretty crazy the first weeks as the summer and winter crews turn over, so it might be awhile before I get going on it.

Boulder Friends Meeting Book Group

The Boulder Friends Meeting Book Group began in September 2013, initiated by a Friend who wanted a time and place for spiritual discussions on literary topics. The group, which is open, meaning that someone can come for only one meeting, or attend them consistently,...

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