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Boulder Friends Meeting is part of the Religious Society of Friends (also known as Quakers).  Our meetings for worship are held in expectant silence, with no formal program or pastor.  Each worshiper seeks to listen to the spirit of God within.  If that spirit brings to any of us a message that seems clearly to speak to the condition of others, we may rise to give that message as vocal ministry.

As Friends we endeavor to translate our religious beliefs into everyday life, seeking to “let our lives speak.”  Simplicity, equality, integrity, and peace/nonviolence are ideals toward which we strive both in our lives and in the world.  Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we invite you to join us in silent worship and reflection.  All are welcome!   


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Advice and Query (October 2019)

October 2019
Advice and Query

The vitality of our meetings depends upon the many and varied gifts of those who take part in their activities. When each member and attender participate actively, the whole meeting is enriched. The Holy Spirit moves through us as we speak in meeting, care for one another, teach First Day school, work on committees, and testify to our lives in the Light. Each one of us has a responsibility for the financial support of the monthly meeting as well as for participation in the structure and function of its programs. When deciding whether to accept a service towhich one is nominated, Friends are advised to understand the responsibilities required, to feel a leading to go forward, and to be willing to grow into the task. A meeting functions best when its members take their service to it seriously. Nominations are neither to be accepted, nor to be refused, casually.

— from IMYM Faith and Practice section on Participation in the Life of the Meeting



What are we doing to recognize the varied skills and spiritual gifts of the members, attenders, and children among us? Are we tender and loving toward those with gifts different from the commonplace?

— from IMYM Faith and Practice section on Participation in the Life of the Meeting

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Announcement Highlights

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Quaker Studies classes:  A class series on Quaker history, beliefs, and practices is being facilitated by Ministry & Worship committee in October and November.  You can attend either Thursday evenings or Saturday afternoons.  Go to Announcements for information and email Greg Shubert to join these classes.

ECHO House Fundraiser Lunch, Oct. 27: ECHO House provides emergency housing for homeless families, so the funds the Meeting raises couldn’t go to a more worthy use. Please contact either Chris or Helen Braider if you would like to provide desserts or salad or help with set-up and clean-up, See details in Announcements.

Colorado Regional Meeting Fall Gathering, Nov 1-3: See full details in Announcements and turn in the registration form by Oct. 1. Late registration is available.

Help Needed: The Service Committee has compiled a call for volunteers needed in the Meeting and in our community. See Announcements for details.

Avoid using scented products:   We strive to create a safe, scent-free meeting house.  To protect our chemically sensitive friends, please avoid scented products such as perfume, aftershave, lotions, many hair products, laundry soap, dryer sheets and fabric softeners.  See Safe Products for Chemically Sensitive People.

Sanctuary: Volunteer to help through giving time, money, or needed furniture. See Sanctuary for details.

Upcoming Events

Wed. Oct. 23, 6:30 pm: Mid-week shared meal and worship. Bring a dish to share.

Sun. Oct. 27, 12 noon: Echo House Potluck — Fundraiser luncheon in support of housing for homeless families.

Sun. Nov. 3, 12 noon: Program Hour — Chris Peraro’s Spiritual Journey.

Sun. Nov. 10, 12 noon: Meeting for Business in the Spirit of Worship.


Childcare is now available for all meeting events held at the meeting house.

To submit announcements and events:  Send information to announcements@boulderfriendsmeeting.org for inclusion in this space.


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Regular Sunday Events

Meeting for Worship: 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Visitors are welcome at either time. The early meeting usually has small attendance and little vocal ministry. The late meeting may be attended by up to 100 and has more vocal ministry.

First Day School (Sunday School) for Children and Youth: 10:15-11:15 a.m. Children are encouraged to join their families in meeting for worship from 10:00-10:15.

Childcare, Infant and Preschool: 10:15-11:15 a.m.

Informal Fellowship Time: 11:15-noon

Program Hour: 12 noon-1:00 p.m. Speakers or discussions are held after fellowship time on many Sundays. Meeting for Business in the Spirit of Worship begins at noon on 2nd Sundays.

Information: clerk@boulderfriendsmeeting.org

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