Minute in Solidarity with Black Lives

Minute in Solidarity with Black Lives


The Boulder Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends stands in unity with the statement that “Black Lives Matter”. Our outward sign of that unity is to display a Black Lives Matter sign in the Meeting’s front yard.

Gathered in Meeting for Worship With A Concern for Business, listening with open minds to Spirit, we have determined that we are committed to examining and acting on issues of racism, implicit bias and white privilege, both in our Meeting and in the larger community.

Since the Meeting adopted a Minute in Solidarity with the Charleston AME Church, still more evidence of daily injustices perpetrated against people of color has come to light. We realize that this injustice is not new, but has been incorporated into the very fabric of our nation since its founding.

We recognize the burden that is shouldered by people of color simply by living in this society.

We understand that we must move forward to act in solidarity with people of color to dismantle racism in all its individual and institutional forms, especially mass incarceration and the unjust criminalization of people of color.

We see that education and health care, and fair treatment by police and the courts are not equally applied to communities of color.

We acknowledge that, in our nation and the world, all lives are not given equal value, and that people of color live with the shadow of fear and diminishment.

Displaying a Black Lives Matter sign is one small, but not insignificant, step toward aligning our Meeting with the contemporary struggle for equal rights and equal value for all peoples.


Boulder Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, minute approved January 10, 2016.