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1825 Upland Avenue, Boulder, Colorado 80304

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Boulder Friends Meeting is part of the Religious Society of Friends (also known as Quakers).  Our meetings for worship are held in expectant silence, with no formal program or pastor.  Each worshiper seeks to listen to the spirit of God within.  If that spirit brings to any of us a message that seems clearly to speak to the condition of others, we may rise to give that message as vocal ministry.

As Friends we endeavor to translate our religious beliefs into everyday life, seeking to “let our lives speak.”  Simplicity, equality, integrity, and peace/nonviolence are ideals toward which we strive both in our lives and in the world. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we invite you to join us in silent worship and reflection. All are welcome!


Advices and Queries on Mutual Care, from IMYM’s Faith & Practice

Advice: “The Religious Society of Friends is a community of people who strive to care for one another. Friends are advised to maintain love and unity, to avoid talebearing and detraction, and to settle differences promptly in a manner free from resentment and inward violence.

When another’s words are strange or disturbing to you, seek to understand where they come from. Listen patiently and seek the truth that other people’s thoughts may contain for you. Avoid hurtful criticism and provocative language. Be careful not to be too firm in your position; allow for the possibility that you may be mistaken.”

Query: “Do we trust sufficiently the goodwill of our meeting members and attenders to make our needs and concerns known? As members of a spiritual community, do we actively work to maintain love and unity?

To what extent does our meeting ignore differences merely to avoid possible conflicts? When conflicts exist, are they discussed calmly and patiently in an attempt to arrive at a creative resolution? Are we charitable with each other, being careful not to sully the reputations of others?”

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Regular Sunday Events

Meeting for Worship: 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Visitors are welcome at either time. The early meeting usually has small attendance and little vocal ministry. The late meeting may be attended by up to 100 and has more vocal ministry.

First Day School (Sunday School) for Children and Youth: 10:15-11:15 a.m. Children are invited to join their families in meeting for worship from 10:00-10:15.

Childcare, Infant and Preschool: 10:15-11:15 a.m.

Informal Fellowship Time: 11:15-noon

Program Hour: 12 noon-1:00 p.m. Speakers or discussions are held after fellowship time on many Sundays. Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business begins at noon on 2nd Sundays.

Upcoming Events

Sun. Sep. 25, 12 noon:  Program Hour — “Thorne Nature Experience and Thorne Nature Camp”, with Oak Thorne.

Sun. Oct. 2, 12 noon:  Program Hour — Molly Greacen’s Spiritual Journey.

Sun. Oct. 16, 12 noon:  Echo House Fundraiser Luncheon.  Service Committee sponsors lunch to raise funds for Echo House; others are encouraged to bring potluck dishes to share.

Sun. Oct. 23, 12 noon:  Program Hour — “Understanding Historical Trauma and Implications for Healing” in American Indian communities, with speaker Elicia Goodsoldier.

Oct. 21-23:  Colorado Regional Meeting of Friends Fall Gathering — Join us at YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, CO.  Theme is “Building a Life-Centered Economy”.  Registration due by September 19th; download Colorado Regional Registration Form 2016.  For information, see October online Meeting calendar.

Fri. Oct. 28, 6-9 pm:  Intergenerational Game Night — Pizza will be purchased; bring potluck of salads, snacks, and desserts.  Bring games for all ages.

Sat. Oct. 29, 8:30 am-noon:  Fall Clean-Up Day — Working together to spruce up our building and grounds!


Childcare is now available for all meeting events held at the meeting house.

To submit announcements and events:  Announcements of Boulder Friends Meeting events can be sent to downton@q.com for inclusion in this space.

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Worship Sharing groups are being organized for our members and attenders.  Groups will meet twice a month for 3 months, guided by a facilitator.  Tuesday afternoon group starts Oct. 4, Thursday evening group starts Oct. 6. Sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board in the fellowship room,  or contact Sharon Reimer, sreimer849@gmail.com.

Lemon Tree Group’s Walk for Unity, Sep. 25, 4:30-7:00 pm:  Friends are encouraged to join in this unified community walk to counteract the racial tensions and violence plaguing our world.  It is sponsored by Jewish, Christian, and Islamic groups in Boulder to transcend differences through understanding.  Meet at 4:30 pm at Congregation Har Hashem, 3950 Baseline Rd.

LGBTQ information:  Damon Motz-Storey, who led our August 7 program hour on LGBTQ, offers us an article he wrote on the topic, the Genderbread Person diagram he shared, and a link to a useful website.

See Opportunities to Serve for current volunteer opportunities in our community.

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