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Committees and Volunteer Positions

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Committee Meeting

Join a committee to meet new friends and contribute to the life and development of the Meeting.  You can volunteer at any time. Find a committee or task that interests you in the list below.  Contact the committee’s convener or another of its members if you would like to visit a committee meeting or learn more about current activities.  We actively recruit new committee members in February-March to begin serving on May 1.

Slate of Officers and Committees, 2017-2018  (PDF)

Brief Descriptions of Committees  (listed in alphabetical order)

Building and Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds Committee helps the Meeting make decisions regarding the building, furnishings, and grounds. It is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the Meetinghouse and grounds, and it arranges workdays for upkeep and improvement.  (Committee members nominated for 3-year terms.)

Fellowship Committee

IMG_0708.JPGThe Fellowship Committee plans and coordinates all social and fellowship events of the Meeting, such as fellowship after meeting and potlucks for special occasions.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee responds to inquiries from Business Meeting and advises the Treasurer on policy and bookkeeping issues and questions that may come up as the Treasurer seeks to fulfill his/her duties. The Committee may also take on special projects to assist the Treasurer, as requested.

Friend at the Door

The Friend at the Door greets everyone as they enter the Meeting house for Sunday Meeting for Worship, helps to welcome and orient newcomers, and helps in the foyer during the first 15 minutes of Meeting.  Volunteers usually, but not always, fill this role for a month.

Grief and Bereavement Committee

The Grief and Bereavement Committee makes sure that support and assistance is offered to any Meeting member or attender who is suffering from the loss of a loved one. This support does not have to be provided solely by committee members.  Committee members may call on those in the community who are close to the bereaved person or qualified in other ways.

Higher Education Scholarship Committee

The Higher Education Scholarship Committee seeks to provide scholarship assistance for children and adults who are members or regular attenders of Meeting, or their children, and pursuing an undergraduate degree at an accredited college or university.  The committee administers a permanent fund, solicits applications, evaluates requests, and chooses recipients.

Indigenous Peoples' Concerns Committee

Paula receiving Peace PrizeThe Indigenous Peoples’ Concerns Committee seeks to increase our understanding and appreciation of Indigenous peoples, to learn from them and their cultures, and to support them in exercising their rights and achieving their goals, as way opens.

Library Committee

The Library Committee works to provide an inviting, organized, easily accessible space for browsing, reading, and selecting materials.  The committee orders books, periodicals, videos, and audiocassettes and adds them to our collection.

Miscellany Mailing Committee

The Miscellany Mailing Committee meets monthly, usually on a weekday, to assemble, staple, and mail the Boulder Meeting newsletter, the Miscellany.

Ministry and Worship Committee

The Ministry and Worship Committee watches over the spiritual life of the Meeting by nurturing the Meetings for Worship, including First Day, Business, Marriage or Memorial Meetings. The committee endeavors to strengthen the spiritual life of the Meeting and deepen the spiritual life of individuals within the Meeting community. (Nominated for 3-year terms, must be Meeting members.)

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee names persons to fill the operating positions in the Meeting, provides descriptions of committees and other positions so members and attenders can sign up where they are called to serve, and undertakes other assignments as the Meeting directs. (Committee members nominated for 3-year terms.)

Oversight and Membership Committee

The Oversight and Membership Committee oversees care of the membership and the corporate life of the Meeting. Its concern is primarily with the well being of the Meeting’s individual members and their connection with the Meeting. (Nominated for 3-year terms, must be Meeting members.)

Peace and Social Justice Committee

PSJ-meetingThe Peace and Social Justice Committee helps Boulder Meeting fulfill our responsibilities to the Peace Testimony and for social, economic and environmental justice.  The committee meets monthly.

Program Committee

The Program Committee coordinates presentations that share with our community the relevant activities and concerns of our members and attenders.  Presentations include spiritual journeys, religious education or insights, and issues concerning social justice, conflict resolution, environmental protection, and other topics of interest or enjoyment.

Quaker Activities Assistance Committee

The Quaker Activities Assistance Committee provides financial assistance to enable members and attenders to participate in Quaker sponsored events.  We focus on regional, state and local Quaker gatherings including IMYM, Colorado Regional, and Quaker Women’s Retreat.  (Committee members nominated for 3-year terms.)

Religious Education Committee

The Religious Education Committee facilitates the education of the children in Quaker faith and involves families in the life of Boulder Meeting.  It oversees First Day School and other programs for the school-aged children.  Childcare is offered during meetings of the REC.  (Note: Committee membership is not necessary to teach or to assist.)

Service Committee

The Service Committee helps the Meeting identify and respond to service needs both within the Meeting and in the Boulder community at large.  Service may include arranging rides for Friends, recruiting volunteers to help with social safety net organizations and funding for organizations serving clients who are hungry and need shelter.

Web Committee

Web Committee 12/16/14The Web Committee advises and assists the Webmaster and the Web Developer in the design and maintenance of the Meeting website,

Welcome and Outreach Committee

The Welcome and Outreach Committee is developing programs to help members and attenders feel welcome at Boulder Friends Meeting. This new committee extends open arms and support for spiritual life and community to individuals, families and the people of the greater Boulder area.

Recent committee activities are described in our Annual Report.

For a full description of committee responsibilities, see Job Descriptions for Committees and Volunteer Positions.

Friends Committee on National Legislation(FCNL)

Intermountain Yearly Meeting (IMYM)

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